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A Mind Beside Itself

My name is Timothy D Monahan, and I am the Artist / Photographer behind Burton J Lomax Images LLC.

So you want to be an Artist? I didn't. I could always write, but I had no interest in the visual arts as a young man. Apparently, I just didn't know myself very well because I believe I have been an Artist all my life it just took me awhile to realize it. And it took awhile to admit it to myself. And it took awhile longer still to be able to say it out loud. And then it still took a bit longer to begin living my life a little more like I believed it. But here I am! Growing forward in life, happily on my Creative Journey to . . . ?

I don't know exactly what it was that awoke the Artist within but I've been enjoying greatly the experience of getting to know myself through the context of creativity. Exploring the creative technology of today and the tried and true wisdom built on yesterday has given me an amazing set of tools with which to poke around within me and see what it is that I can pull out into the world and share with those around me.

After some of that poking around, I discovered my mission.

My mission, as an Artist and as a person is to help others find new eyes.

Always looking for the next way to see the things that are seen all the time, there is no greater joy for me than the ability to be able to take something mundane, or ordinary, something that people walk by or drive by hundreds of times without ever so much as a glance, and show it to them in way that makes it brand new, shiny, beautiful and unique.

I believe that we experience gratitude, and thereby peace, so much easier when we can keep our eyes seeing openly. When we can see something in a new way, or from a new perspective it remains easier to consistently appreciate. When we're on the lookout for that new way of seeing, that new perspective, it becomes exciting to see the world around us again.

Photography and digital art are a great way to inject new life into what might otherwise seem an old subject. This then opens the mind's eye to the seeing of the beauty that is all around us all the time but that we've become too numb to notice.

So that's why I do this. I hope you see something here that causes your eyes to open!

I've got Open Eyes for hire, and prints for sale!! If you see something you like email me, FB message me.

If you have an idea or a product, business, or home that you'd like to see through new eyes or that you'd like to be able to show to the world in a new way, email me, FB message me!  

I'd love to create Images with you!

Yours in seeing,

Timothy D Monahan


Burton J Lomax

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